·        Industrial seals for commercial centrifugal and high emergency pumps.

·        Standard rotary seals from Italy (Roten).

·        Certification ISO 9001.

·        Special rotary seals based on our own design.

·        Balanced types and doubles with washing machine.

·        Seals with tracks made of hard metal, ceramic-carbon or other combinations between them, for different types of fluids, pressures and axis diameters.

·        Rotary seals for works with abrasive, corrosive and high working temperature fluids.

·        Usages in chemical, medicinal, textiles, celluloses, petroleum , sewers, etc.

·        Rotary seals for pump from national and imported cars.

·        Rotary seals for electro domestics (dish-washers, washing machines, electro washers).


For more information please contact our sales department.


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