Specifications and  Recommendations       

a.The sealing by means of O'ring avoids leaks and fluid or gas escapes and presents the following advantages: 
•Sealing in different pressure and temperature ranges. 
•No need of adjustments.
•Requires reduced places.
b.The inside diameter and its section diameter establishes the O'ring measurement.
c.The O'rings are stretched seals of compression . That means that have to be flattened to work. 
For Static usage: (Surfaces to be sealed that do not move between them) the flattening varies between 12 % to 25 % from the 
section (S).
For dynamic usage: (Surfaces to be sealed that move between each other) the flattening varies between 8 % to 20 % from the 
section (S).
d.To determinate which compounds must be used, it is advised to consider the types of fluid, working pressure and temperature, and lineal speed.



Resistance to Temperature in Continuous service


Shore “A”

Application. Recommended Usage

Nitrile Rubber

(buna “N”)


-30°F a +250°F

-34°C a +121°C


Static and dynamic swing usage: Hydraulic or pneumatic mineral oils, hydraulic oils derived from petrol, water, compressed air. Freon 12.

Nitrile Rubber

(buna “N”)

-40°F a +250°F

 -40°C a +121°C


Static usage for highest pressure: mineral oils, hydraulic oils derived from petrol, water, compressed air.

Chloroprene Rubber

-45°F a +300°F

-43°C a +149°C


Static usage in outdoors. Freon 12. Freon 22 oxygen.


-65°F a +450°F

 -54°C a +232°C


Static usage for high temperature.

Fluoro Carbon Rubber


-15°F a +400°F

    -26°C a +204°C


Static and dynamic swing usage. Hydraulic or pneumatic. Inorganic acids. Aromatic compounds (derived from benzene, toluene, and others) chloryd compounds (chlorinated hydrocarbons, trichloro ethylene, and others) oxygen

Ethylene-Propylene Rubber


-70°F a +300°F

    -57°C a +149°C


Static and dynamic swing usage: hydraulic or pneumatic. Brake fluids. Hydraulic fluids with phosphoric ester base. Water steam. Acetone. Great resistance to ozone.

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